Lead Magnets on LinkedIn? + 8 ways to promote them

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I’ve been creating and using Lead Magnets on LinkedIn for almost 5 years. I don’t use paid ads, I use them organically.

Many people have approached me and asked me the question and my aim with this article is to help you understand what makes a lead magnet work on LinkedIn.

First off, for the uninitiated, here is a simple definition of a lead magnet. Of A lead magnet is essentially a freebie that you offer to people in exchange for their contact information, usually an email address. It’s a way to attract potential customers by providing something valuable to them, like a guide, a checklist, or a tutorial. Think of it as a trade: they give you a way to contact them in the future, and you give them something useful right now. It’s a win-win.

Many of tried and failed to launch them and I can tell you most of the time it comes down to three things:

  • Not understanding the audience (who it is for)
  • Not focusing on the mechanics (obsessing over the lead magnet itself)
  • Hoping for an easy result (the reality is it takes multiple revisions)

I’ve generated thousands of leads organically from LinkedIn using Lead Magnets, but I’d imagine very few put the level of effort and detail into it that I do, yet they expect results like mine.

This is one of my lead magnets I use regularly in my feed:

You can look at the full lead magnet here

As you can see, I’m getting a 41.89% conversion rate. In other words, 4/10 people download it.

Knowing these metrics, will help you improve your lead magnet and get it to work like clockwork.

The Title is 80% of the success

Most of the success of a lead magnet is down to the title. Choosing the title is so critical. I’ve done tests where it is the same design, same everything, just a change in title and the results show the difference.

Having a title which speaks to a specific audience that promises a benefit from downloading is what your title or headline should do. A bad title will affect everything.

I find the best titles use the Ronseal Method — tell people exactly what it will do. No waffle, no jargon, no vaguery — be clear and to the point.

This is mine….

It’s simple.

It’s clear.

Let me give you a tip…..

“How to grow your business” is too vague

“17 Ways to grow your marketing agency without paid ads” is powerful.

It’s specific, targeted and clear.

No distractions

I host all of my lead magnets separately from my website. I do this to make sure I eliminate all the distractions. When someone visits your landing page, you want all of their focus to be on one thing ‘should I download this or not?’

You’ll lose a ton of leads if you just host it on your website and viewers can navigate away from your page.

The logic is ‘people will come to the landing page and if they don’t want it, they can look around’. That’s a mistake. You want people to make one choice.

On my landing pages, there are no other options. I force a binary choice and the numbers speak for themselves.

  • No menu
  • No other options

Scammy doesn’t work on mature buyers

You’ve seen them. The landing pages which have a ton of information on them, overloaded with social proof and promise that this is game changing. To me, they feel a bit scammy. It turns out that for most mature buyers, they think the same too.

The theory is that the landing page has so much information on it, it convinces people this is valuable and a a result, it increases the number of downloads.

That’s true for those “how to make a million in 7 days” landing pages, but most of those are appealing to people who:

  • Want an easy answer to a complex problem
  • Don’t believe it getting rich quick but…you never know

What kind of clients will they make?

Well, impatient ones and it’s highly likely some people will be betting their last buck to make it work.

You don’t want either of them.

My landing page is basic and simple. You don’t need to go overboard and you don’t need to spend hours on design.

They never work first time

This is the truth. When you create a lead magnet, it will probably suck. You’ll post it and get hardly any downloads. That is normal!

When I launch a lead magnet, I track the stats to see how it performs, closely tracking the stats will help me see where I need to improve.

First off, I track the impressions or no of people I’ve sent it to

Then I track the click through rate

Comparing these two stats tells me how the social preview or message copy works.

Then I look at page views and compare them with downloads.

This tells me how the page is doing.

Using these stats I can see where the points of failure and and work on them.

The social preview matters

Ah the social preview. This is one thing everyone misses. How it looks in the feed or when shared online is so important.

My landing page and my social preview almost look exactly the same why? because viewers are checking it out for the value, so the value and visuals being consistent makes a huge difference.

When you share it as a post or in messages, you want the visual to quickly pique peoples curiosity. You don’t want to overthink it or be too clever.

How to get organic downloads on social media

Pinned or Featured Post: Stick a post about your free offer to the top of your social media page. That way, it’s the first thing people see when they visit your profile.

Video Posts with a Call-to-Action: Post a short video talking about what you’re offering. Tell people to click on a link in the comments, caption, or your profile to get it.

Random Posting: Might sound strange but posting the link randomly into your LinkedIn feed late evening, even with no post copy, can be a way to get it out there casually.

Longer Blog Post with Links: Write a detailed blog post about a topic related to your lead magnet. Include links within the post where people can click to download the freebie.

Teaser Posts Sharing Part of the Lead Magnet: Share a small, interesting part of your free offer in a social media post to pique interest. Tell people they can get the full version by clicking a link.

Live Video with a Link to Resources: Go live to discuss a topic your audience cares about. During or after the video, share a link where viewers can download your lead magnet for more info.

Thank You Message to New Followers / Connections: Send a quick thank-you message to people who’ve just followed or connected with you. Include a link to your lead magnet as a welcome gift.

Lead Magnet Campaign to Relevant Existing Connections: Reach out to people you already know and who could benefit from your offer. Send them a message or email letting them know about your new, free resource.

It lasts a lifetime

Okay so here is something I see far too often. People creating lead magnets and never using them. They put it out once or twice and then that’s it.

I’ve been using this Lead Magnet for nearly 2 years. Drip, drip, drip. That’s how lead magnets are supposed to be used. Some will see it and never download, some might need to see it multiple times before they choose to download. I’ve had people connected with me for a long time who suddenly download it.

The life of a good lead magnet is longer than you think. So work it consistently. I often post them randomly with no post copy and pick up a few leads every time I do it.

Don’t let it be a one hit wonder.

What’s next?

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